Saving Time and Money with Batch Cooking

With busy schedules it is often difficult to have time to cook from scratch meals at home.  But eating out can end up being expensive and may not be as healthy as cooking at home.  Some people use batch cooking to save time and money.  The main concept of batch cooking is doing a portion

Eating well and Saving Money

Today’s Americans live in what is known as one of the world’s “fattest” nations. Yet the media is filled with fad diets. For many, those never seem to work. Some turn to diet pills and weight loss surgery. The best way to lose weight or maintain a healthy one is to eat well. And it all starts with

Breakfast and Lunch Combined

Preparing the perfect brunch is a great way to test your breakfast and lunch skills. Brunch usually involves a combination of dishes that are a little bit breakfast and a little bit lunch. Especially on holidays when you want to feed a large group of people with a minimum of headache, brunch is a really

How to Pretend You’re Enjoying your Meal when you Aren’t

Why pretend I hear you say. Well it all depends who has cooked the meal. If you are at a restaurant you will more than likely send the meal back and complain in no uncertain terms. However, if you are visiting an aged relative and they have lovingly prepared a meal, you know something that

How to Pack the Perfect School Lunch

Packing the Perfect School Lunch Eating habits, good or bad, start young. To include nutritious food in a school lunch can be challenging, but with some practice it can become part of your regular routine. Begin by purchasing an insulated lunch bag. Many lunch bags are sold with an ice pack of some sort. Obviously

Homemade Lunches are Healthier and less Costly

Individuals who head off to work or school often end up buying lunches while out. According to a Jan. 2012 Business Insider report, two-thirds of American workers were choosing meals prepared by outside sources. While the convenience of buying takeout at lunchtime is an attractive option, the drawbacks are the expenses associated with this practice,

Food Lovers Guide to Japanese Cuisine

I live in London, where I am happy to say there is a fantastic selection of Japanese restaurants. I am a self-confessed lover of anything Japanese, particularly the country’s rich cuisine, so naturally when I go out to eat, Japanese food is always top of my list, and I am spoiled for choice. In Japan,

Strategies how to Rude Waiter Rude Waitress Restaurants

Picture this scenario: You enter a fine dining restaurant and the maitre d’ brings you to your table. Everything is going well – the food on the menu sounds delicious, your date looks fantastic and for once, your wallet is screaming to be noticed (because your paycheck just came in yesterday). Then, you and your

How to Order Sushi like an Expert

If you’ve never ordered sushi or only ordered it a handful of times, placing a order for sushi can be very intimidating. Not knowing what to order can be the difference maker in whether or not you enjoy your meal. Usually when you visit a restaurant to order sushi you will get a handy little

Why you should be Polite to your Waitress

Waitresses are people too. They are wives and moms and, sometimes grandmothers. They are there because they need the money, and, they put up with unimaginable stress throughout the day. You should treat them with the same respect you would treat a friend or co-worker. They are not in charge of the quality of the